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VuePress Plugin

Vssue provides a VuePress Plugin - @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue - to help use Vssue in VuePress quickly.



Install @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue and API package via NPM:

npm install @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue
npm install @vssue/api-github-v3

Use the plugin

See VuePress Official Docs for how to use a plugin in detail

// .vuepress/config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: {
    '@vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue': {
      // set `platform` rather than `api`
      platform: 'github',

      // all other options of Vssue are allowed
      owner: 'OWNER_OF_REPO',
      repo: 'NAME_OF_REPO',
      clientId: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
      clientSecret: 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET',

The only difference is that, you should set platform rather than the api package itself.

@vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue will auto resolve the corresponding api package according to the value of platform:

  • platform github - api package @vssue/api-github-v3
  • platform github-v4 - api package @vssue/api-github-v4
  • platform gitlab - api package @vssue/api-gitlab-v4
  • platform bitbucket - api package @vssue/api-bitbucket-v2
  • platform gitee - api package @vssue/api-gitee-v5

If you don't set the locale option, Vssue will use VuePress's $lang as the language of current page.

See locale of Vssue and $lang of VuePress

Use Vssue Component

Vssue has already been registered as a Vue component, and can be used in your VuePress markdown directly.

<!-- -->

# Vssue Demo

<Vssue title="Vssue Demo" />

You can go to the repo meteorlxy/vssue-demo to get the demo code.

Custom Style Variables

With the power of palette.styl of VuePress, you can set the Variables of Vssue Style easily.

By default, those Vssue variables are set to VuePress variables:

// @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue/styles/index.styl

$vssue-theme-color ?= $accentColor
$vssue-text-color ?= $textColor
$vssue-border-color ?= $borderColor
$vssue-breakpoint-mobile ?= $MQMobile

If you want to override them, just set them in your palette.styl:

// .vuepress/styles/palette.styl

$vssue-theme-color = red

Do not want to use our plugin?

Vssue has tried to be SSR-friendly, so you can import Vssue directly in VuePress like other vue plugins / components without @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue (especially if you have customized the styles of Vssue).

But we still suggest you to use @vssue/vuepress-plugin-vssue in VuePress, which has already helped you make <Vssue> component client-only to avoid some potential issues.

If you do not want to use the plugin we provided, you may need to wrap <Vssue> component into <ClientOnly> component to avoid those potential issues, i.e. :

  <Vssue />

See Built-in Components - ClientOnly of VuePress