# Gitee Third Party Application

Vssue can also work with self-hosted Gitee Enterprise Version. Set the baseURL options to your Gitee URL. See Options Reference - baseURL

Gitee requires clientSecret because Gitee does not support implicit grant type

# Create a new Third Party Application

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 01
Set up OAuth App - Gitee 02

  • Set the Homepage URL and Authorization callback URL to your website URL (Here we take localhost:8080 for example)
  • Select issues and notes permissions

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 03

# Get the Client ID and Secret

Then you've created a new Third Party Application, and here is your Client ID and Client Secret.

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 04

# Config and start your Vssue

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret, and set owner and repo.

The URL pattern of gitee repo is https://gitee.com/${owner}/${repo}

Here we take https://gitee.com/meteor_lxy/vssue-demo for example, and set the title of issue to Vssue Demo.

Then run anywhere -h localhost 8080 to serve the index.html on localhost:8080.

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 05

# Try out Vssue locally

Vssue has already run here. Click Login to login with gitee account and click to create issue.

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 06

Redirect to Gitee Authorization page. Click Authorize to login.

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 07

Leave a comment on this page ~

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 08

Set up OAuth App - Gitee 09


You can go to the repo meteor_lxy/vssue-demo to get the demo code. Check the first issue of that repo to see what happened.